Roller Shutter Roller Shutter Roller Shutter Roller Shutter
Product name : Roller Shutter
Product No. : 20090325019
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1. Taken use of high-grade inferior smooth shading aluminum as material the rolling door has advantages of anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant and anti-corrosion.

2. Stripe design on the surface of blades makes it nice and stereoscopic.

3. The small gaps between blades strengthen the door from transformation.

4. The flexible glue as isolation tongue between blades makes the noise smaller.

5. Connecting components are made up of high-strengthened rubber(heat resistance 50℃, cold resistant 40℃, extrusion deformation, acid and alkali resistant, anti-corrosion).

6. Plastic fixing components are added on both ends which improve the safety and stability.

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