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Mobile Water Mist Trolley Mobile Water Mist Trolley Mobile Water Mist Trolley Mobile Water Mist Trolley
Product name : Mobile Water Mist Trolley
Product No. : 20090325048
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1. General Description
Mobile High Pressure Water Mist System is the one manufactured with the most up-to-date technique. The fire extinguishing device is a water mist mobile system which can effectively suppress fires in their early stages by spraying water mist droplets at high pressure through nozzles specially designed to put out fires early. It is popular to use in the field of Ancient Buildings, Scenic, Subway Stations, Cigarette Factory, Libraries, Archives, Residential Areas etc.

2. Main Features
1) High reliability & momentary operation;
2) Compact design and user-friendly operation panel;
3) Max. Pressure of Pump: 120bar;
4) Hose length: 50m;
5) Foam mixing system: Water and Foam tank installed;
6) Spray Gun: Consists of 16 water mist nozzles and 1 Jet Spray Nozzle.

3. Applications
1) Application in A/B/C class fire;
2) Operation method can change according to the fire size and extinguishing condition;
3) Easy to use in confined space with a little water;
4) Light weight, strong and high pressure hose installed.  

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