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Fire Extinguishing Robot Fire Extinguishing Robot Fire Extinguishing Robot Fire Extinguishing Robot
Product name : Fire Extinguishing Robot
Product No. : 20090325050
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1. Brief Introduction

1.1 Fire Extinguishing and Detecting Robot is applicable for Oil and Chemical Industry, Oil Tank Area, Large Warehouses, Buildings with high temperature and strong radiation, Easy to Collapse Places (which fire truck and personnel can not approach). It could detect and extinguish the fire, cool down and wash the chemical contamination etc. This is the most ideal equipment which could assure the security of fire fighters.

1.2 This product includes two main parts: Mobile Carrier and Remote-Control Monitor. It has self-protection function of spraying water mist.  Through remote control device, it can be achieved by walking, across obstacles, climb, in-situ rotation, fire extinguishing and detecting.


2. Main Features and Specifications

Small Size, Light Weight, High Mobility, No need dedicated delivery vehicle, could be placed in fire truck and transported to the scene.

Move Type

Rated Power


Valid Remote Distance with Video

Move Speed
0.5 m/s

Anti Overturning Angle


Climbing slope


Across Vertical Obstacle Height


Turning Radius

In-situ Rotation

Flow Rate
40-60 L/s

Spray Pressure


Spray Distance

≥ 75m
≥ 65m
Spray Angle

Total Weight

≤ 140kg

Dimension (L×W×h)

Approx. 1030×780×675 mm

Optional Equipment:

1. Infrared Camera;

2. Poisonous and Combustible Gas Detection System.


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