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Enterprise Strategy
1. Based on Trade: Trade is EVERBEST's traditional business and main source of profit currently. EVERBEST's further development needs to rely on trade business, personnel training, the accumulation of customers, channel resources and domain expertise.
2. Professional Integration: On the basis of trade, develop the depth of specialization and improve the technological content, and increase brand awareness in the industry.
3. Industry Consolidation: Make the growth of the business, industrial upgrading. Provide richer services and strengthen the core technology R&D capabilities.
Enterprise Spirit
1. Hardworking: Embodied in thrift and austerity, perseverance, and enduring hardship, it’s the source power for Everbest to achieve unconventional and leap-forward development. It is the fine tradition of Everbest people.
2. Selfless Dedication: It reflects the sense of ownership of Everbest people. It’s the value orientation of Everbest people to be broad-minded, law-abiding and self-disciplined, devote to the cause, return to the society, and achieve common progress for the enterprise and individuals.
3. Striving: It reflects the spirit of Everbest people to advance bravely, strive to be stronger to meet challenges.
4. Pioneering: It reflects that Everbest people should carry forward the tradition, keep pace with the times, make bold innovations and strive for excellence in work, which is the key to success for Everbest people.
Enterprise Mission
1. Building the brand with quality: Quality is a foundation stone of an enterprise to set a brand.A brand represents product quality and service quality, reflects the popularity and good reputation of an enterprise and the loyalty of customers to the brand of an enterprise.In process of realizing the strategic goal of the enterprise, Everbest personnel should make fine work internally and enhance the image externally to form an international brand.
2. Establishing the enterprise with integrity: Good faith is an assurance for the development of an enterprise.Good faith should be embodied in each link of management and administration, customer service, communication and cooperation as well as development and win-win.The corporate culture with good faith as the core will be upheld throughout the building of the “Century-old Everbest”.