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Fire Extinguishing Drone


Fire Extinguishing Drone

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1. Drone net weight: ≤40kg (empty machine)
2. Symmetrical motor wheelbase: ≤1800mm
3. Max cruising speed: 12m/s (unloaded), 6m/s (loaded)
4. Max flight altitude: ≥4500m
5. Max load: 50KG
6. Working time: ≥20min (one set of batteries, replaceable)
7. Working height: ≥100 meters (dry foam)
8. Maximum withstand wind speed: Level 6
9. Protection class: Ip54 level, can fly in light rain
10. Power Battery: Lithium-ion battery, 22000mAh×4, 51.8V
11. Obstacle avoidance mode: All-weather forward obstacle avoidance radar (can effectively identify obstacles within 25m and display the distance, and automatically brake according to the set braking distance)
12. GPS: RTK base station and network integrated positioning (stable signal, less interference, automatic switching to base station mode when there is no network differential signal, dual antenna high-precision orientation, high positioning accuracy, strong anti-magnetic interference ability. In high-voltage lines, metal buildings and other strong magnetic interference It can also ensure reliable operational flight in the environment), GPS, A-GPS
13. Positioning accuracy RTK:≤0.5m,GPS:≤2m
14. Communication distance & Image transmission distance: 10KM
15. Data transmission distance: 10KM
16. Control mode: Fully Autonomous Mode, RTK Mode, GPS Mode, Attitude Mode

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