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Crew Cabin Doors for Fire Truck


Crew Cabin Doors for Fire Truck

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1. Product Name: Crew Cabin’s Doors for Fire Trucks

2. Main Features:
1) The door panel is fully tempered glass structure, and it has good vision and light transmission performance;
2) The inner side of the door is provided with a diagonal handle and a horizontal handle for easy getting on and off;
3) The frame structure of the door is a welded structure of aluminum alloy profiles, and the aluminum profiles is processed by full numerical control, which can effectively ensure the processing accuracy;
4) The door frame and door hinge are also processed from aluminum alloy profiles, and there is no need to adjust the door seam after the door is installed;
5) The window of the door is a manual sliding type. It’s simple and reliable.

3. Technical Specifications:
1) Size: 1725mm(Height)*950mm(Width)*100mm(Thickness);
2) Total weight of each door: Approx. 55Kg .

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