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Fire Truck Seat with SCBA Bracket


Fire Truck Seat with SCBA Bracket

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1. Product Name: Seat with SCBA Bracket for Fire Truck

2. Main Features:
1) The seats could be widely used in different fire truck’s cabins and supply comfortable seats for fire fighters equipped with SCBA;
2) Cushion and headrest are according to ergonomic design, and it is elegant, wrapped well and comfortable ride;
3) Clamping equipment is flexible, reliable and easy to open;
4) The main structural parts are made of light aluminum alloy material, and the remaining parts are made of high quality steel sheet metal, powder-coated surface. Beautiful and stronger;
5) High integration and simple installation;
6) Independent equipped with three-point seat belts.

3. Technical Specifications:
1) Size: 886mm(Height)*464mm(Width)*353mm(Thickness);
2) Available for clamping 6.8L or 9L cylinder;
3) Total weight: Less than 15Kg.

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