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Battery Charging System for Fire Truck


Battery Charging System for Fire Truck

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1. Brief Introduction
This product is mainly used in the rapid dispatch of special vehicles such as fire trucks. Special vehicles such as fire trucks use the city power to charge the vehicle batteries when they are on duty, so as to avoid the vehicles being unable to be dispatched quickly due to battery feeding when the vehicle is parked for a long time.
When the vehicle needs to be dispatched, the driver will start the engine and the charging plug will automatically disengage from the vehicle; When it cannot be disengaged automatically, an audible and visual alarm will be issued in the cab to remind the driver to check the fault or manually disengage.

2. Main Features
2.1 Good self-release performance: It adopts mechanical pilot type self-release, and the electromagnetic lock thrust only needs to be unlocked, and the self-release thrust is provided by the energy storage spring to provide 3 times self-release force.
2.2 High protection level: IP65 protection level, the rear end does not need to be waterproof when the main controller is installed.
2.3 Small installation size: The installation size of the main controller and charging box is only 60% of that of similar products.
2.4 Simple installation: Follow our instructions to install.
2.5 Safe and reliable: If the charging line is short-circuited, the smart charger will automatically stop charging.

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