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Pneumatic Flip Rack System for Rescue Boat


Pneumatic Flip Rack System for Rescue Boat

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1.Product model: EB-QDCFZJ-3.8M-HF
2.The package size: 2750x700x500mm; The dimensions after installation 3300x1840x650mm.
3.The frame’s unfolded flipping angle is more than 50 degrees, and it could be flipped down from the roof of the vehicle by more than 2.2 meters.
4.The extension stroke of the flip frame is 2.4 meters.
5.The air switch is controlled by a mobile electric button switch to increase reliability.
6.The main body of the flip frame is made of aluminum alloy, the base is made of steel plate, and the overall weight is 200 kg.
7.The cylinder and solenoid valve used for the turning frame are domestic well-known brands.
8.People do not need to go on the roof, and the equipment deployment time is 15 seconds to 20 seconds;
9.The maximum load capacity is 100kg.

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